Customer Relatioship Management System

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. It’s a software solution that brings a host of capabilities together. You can store all your prospects and customers, make calls, send emails, create reports, schedule appointments, add notes, manage your pipeline, and find out who’s opened your latest email—without stepping out of the CRM system.A CRM system brings all this information into one cohesive unit. The customer’s complete history with your business exists alongside a list of your deals; your emails, notes, and appointments live in one interface. Add to this the fact that you can get real-time notifications when your customers perform a significant activity—like when they visit your Pricing page or click on a link in your email. We’re talking about a goldmine of information available in one system, under one roof.

Ooi solution provides CRM System with the following features

  • Simplified and customized software
  • Easy and flexible structure that makes your work faster.
  • Providing perfect features that replicate your standards.
  • Detailed information recording at one place.
  • One to one interaction via chat.
  • Coordinating with clients and provides one - one relationship.
  • Maintaining detailed analysis report of every individual.
  • Notifying every individual for any tasks or infromation newly added.
  • Providing access to superiors to know information about their work status.

Some of the Benefits of our Customer Relation Management System

Customer Relation Management System designed by Ooi solution provides an instant and simplified structure to manage your institution. The software consists of following divisions

  • Centralized admin:
    • Centralized admin is the main module that provides access to the remaining portals. It will work under the control of the main administration that provides security and also interaction with the people internally and externally.
  • Client portal:
    • Every individual client was provided with a login ID in that they can view complete information like their project status and can interact directly with the employee
  • Schedule an Appointment:
    • Can schedules an appointment based on the availability and automatically notifies if scheduled.
  • Create a task or project:
    • It helps to create task and allocates to a group or individual online and can interact .
  • Verification:
    • It helps every superior to verify the assigned tasks by entering to their own dashboards.
  • Real Time Monitoring:
    • It helps to monitor while the work is in progress and gets updates of the work status.

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