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Card Call


Site URL: cardcall.co.nz

Search Engine: https://www.google.com


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About: CardCall is the name behind a large range of calling cards including the popular Choice Phone Card range, the Super Buzz and many more.

Review and suggestions: Cardcall.co.nz came to Ooi Solutions to get assistance with improving their organic rankings in Google and other Search Engines. Though they’d previously done both on-site and off-site SEO work on their website, they were struggling to achieve and maintain high search engine rankings due to the competitiveness of their industry, and sought out Ooi Solutions to help boost the relevance and authority of their site to improve their visibility in organic search results.

Result: Our SEO efforts have helped Cardcall.co.nz secure first page organic rankings in Google for over 90% of their originally targeted keywords, including a #1 ranking for most of the keywords.

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