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Door Step Doctor (DSD) Site Designed by Ooisolutions. The essential purpose of Door Step Doctor is, it helps for the one who can't visit a Hospital or like to be treated at home. Now and again, will undoubtedly need to counsel with a specialist for general wellbeing registration, regular fever, intense maladies, ceaseless disease, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. It numerous circumstances, we are physically powerless and like to remain at home and even a visit to a specialist appears a tough assignment. In the event that given a choice we would rather incline toward a specialist to give us a visit, as opposed to visit him by and by.

Ooi solution provides Door Step Doctor with the following features

  • Better Control Over Hospital Administration
  • Establish your home-in treatment as technically advanced
  • Effective utilization of facilities and improves inventory control
  • Work climate and environment gets improved.
  • Provides information required to support patient care
  • Achieve good quality ratings
  • Improves the employee trust towards organization and motivated.
  • Avoid errors and track every single detail
  • Reduce the misuse of resource and more cost saving oriented.
  • Electronic Medical Report Generation
  • Increased Patient Satisfaction

Some of the Functionalities of our Hospital Management System

Education Management System designed by Ooi solution provides an instant and simplified structure to manage your institution. The software consists of following divisions

  • Admin:
    • To capture and view all the important data related to the Door Step Doctor.
  • Employees:
    • This module will record various customers data, test result analysis and reports. Additionally it maintains customers records.
  • Customer:
    • This module will hold all the customer details and records if needed in emergency .
  • Reports:
    • This module is to keep record of customer report based on date and location .

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