Job Management System

Ooi Solutions provides a different type of characteristic that can assist job management with their day by day performance and provide a compact web based interface for tracking works, helping to develop efficiency.

Ooi solution provides Education Management System with the following features

  • Simplified and customized software
  • Easy and flexible structure that makes your work faster.
  • Providing perfect features that replicate your standards.
  • Detailed information recording at one place.
  • Coordinating employees internally by giving information about one another.
  • Maintaining detailed analysis report of every individual.
  • Notifying employees regularly regarding timeline, work status, assessments and results.
  • Providing access to admin to know information about the employees.
  • Providing access to clients to know the work status.

Some of the Functionalities of our Job Management System

This Software enables you to design handle specialists through a simple to utilize web interface that gives you perspectives of every one of your assets or individual professionals. Giving you an apparatus that enables you to design work a long time ahead of time guarantee you never get found overlooking an errand again.

Job management gives a period section interface that enables time to be reserved out specifically against a task or on to a timesheet. The time reserved out against task is reflected in a week by week explanation support work costs have been dispensed accurately and keeping more noteworthy control over asset allotment. This element has also enhanced organization's gainfulness through better following of varieties and expanded billable hours.

The Ooi Solutions Job Management and Tracking Software Solution support the following of periodic maintenance. Tasks are produced on their due date and remain in the rundown of current task until the point when they are stopped. These ensure that task doesn’t get missed and memorable data on works performed is promptly accessible.

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