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When It comes to magazine advertising, most people think of the large national publications full of big brand advertisers. Of course, advertising in magazines with national distribution is going to be expensive even if you're only advertising in the local sections, and it's not be the way to go for most small or midsized businesses. You don't really need to cast such a large net--what you really need is to choose publications that are closely associated with your target market. your own business So while you'll be reaching people way outside your neighbourhood, you'll also attract local business.

Ooi solution provides Magazine Add Booking System with the following features

  • Simplified and customized software
  • Easy and flexible structure that makes your work faster.
  • Providing perfect features that replicate your standards.
  • Detailed information recording at one place.
  • Book your intrested magazine anywhere and at any time online.
  • Notifying users with subscriptions and for add bookings.
  • Providing access to the registered users.
  • Access to reports based on daily, monthly and weekly.

Some of the Functionalities of our Magazine Add System

Magazine Add System designed by Ooi solution provides an instant and simplified structure to manage your institution. The software consists of following divisions

  • Admin:
    • To capture and view all the important data related to the Admin.
  • Employees:
    • This module will record various employees data, analysis and reports. Additionally it maintains customers records.
  • Customer:
    • This module will hold all the customer details and records if subscribed.
  • Reports:
    • This module is to keep record of Add booking and subscriptions report based on date and location .

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