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At Ooi Solutions development of the Internet technology, online examination has become more and more popular since from 2012 at Ooi Solutions, it helps people save much energy and time. As an efficient and effective way of teaching and learning .In Ooi Solutions, online examination can prevent from cheating and ensure the fairness of the examination results. A good examination system should be developed based on the needs of a real examination.

Ooi solution provides Online Examination System with the following features

  • Simplified and customized software
  • Easy and flexible structure that makes your work faster.
  • Providing perfect features that replicate your standards.
  • Detailed information recording at one place.
  • Accesing Exam anywhere and at anytime.
  • Provides Detailed explanations for every exam.
  • Notifying students with timer during the examination.
  • Providing access to sceintific calculator.
  • Providing access to every people with many questions and solutions.

Some of the Functionalities of our Online Examination System

Online Examination System designed by Ooi solution provides an instant and simplified structure to write your exams online anywhere. The software consists of following divisions

  • Centralized admin:
    • Admin will have the access to add 'n' number of papers and can monitor the users who has logged in and takes the exam.
  • User Portal:
    • User can register for free or can upgrade to packages to access more number of exams; and can view the explanations and results on the spot

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