SMS Blasting

SMS marketing has become the best way to reach people directly.Every body has cell phones in this day and ageand an SMS provides you a means to connect with people on a personal basis. Given the numerous mobile users out there, this form of marketing can reach an extraordinarily large audience. You can very simply sisseminate any information or content amongst hundreds of thoudsands of people ans expect a large percentage of them to read it.

This practice of sending mass SMSs to people as a form of marketing or advertising is commonly known as SMS blasting. Numerous IT solutions comapnies are offering their services to setup the required gateway so that you can begin your SMS campaign. However, for some this may be a bit too costly.

The Traditional Practice

In this traditional practice of sending mass SMSs , an IT solution utilizes the Internet to forward SMSs to a vast number of mobiles. However, the process is expensive as it involves setting up a dedicated SMS gateway that will send and receive your SMSs.

Smaller companies who require just a value added SMS campaign however, find that investing such a large amount is not good business. For example a local business might not benefit a lot from a wide spread SMS campaign in spite of spending thousands on the whole process. So, smaller companies might need to have deep consideration regards on this.

SMS Payment Gateway

A new system of sending mass SMSs might be the SMS solution for the smaller companies. This new system is called the SMS payment gateway and it can allow people the similar benefits of running an SMS campaign with out in curring a huge expenditure.

This is how it works, instead of creating a dedicated gateway; an IT solutions company can offer you its own gateway to send the SMSs. Moreever, these SMSs will reach the gateway through the telephone network companies only.

The entire process works on a profit sharing basis, where the gateway provider and telephone network companies take a nominal percentage of each SMS. This will allow any third party user to link up to the gateway and send SMSs with out having to undergo the hassles of the security procedures.

You also get excellent features such delivery notification for every message, a flexible paymnets cheme, smart gateway unlimited outgoing and incoming SMS setc. This is an excellent solution for a cost effective SMS campaign for small companies.

When SMS Market Really Take Place

First,understand that marketing is aprocess and it does take time to materialize. To do bulk SMS marketing in there alsense of it, you have to build your own phone number list from scratch or buy a list whose demographics you know, I mean list that has people that are really in need of what you sell.

When you have that in place, identify the human and social need of these people as kotler and his friend have said, then meet these needs by consistently providing resources that solve their problems and/or help them achieve thei goals....while at the same time demostrating your competence and quality.

As time grows, your list will get to know you and identify with you. Then selling to them becomes easy. That's marketing. And let's not forget the good old of practice of segmenting your list so that you can communicate to them in a targeted and personal way.

So,blasting people with the same message at the same time is no marketing at all. And if you want to suceed in your bulk SMS marketing campaigns, taking the time to market as against blasting is noe optional, it's mandatory. Change course today!

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